Raising up children is important, incredible…and tough!  The majority of children spend much of their day with different caregivers, teachers, coaches, and peers, so it is important that parents -the spiritual leaders of the home– and us –the local church– are working together to fill your child up each week with love and truth so that it will flow out of them for a lifetime. In doing this, we place value on equipping parents, creating opportunities for parents to spend quality time with their families and fellowship with others, and to be discipled and built up.

Here’s how we can partner together:

  • Parents’ Corner – get equipped and connected!

    Visit the Parents Corner downstairs in the VCC Children’s Auditorium. There is an area of tables and chairs just for parents to chat, pick up resources, and connect with our Children’s Ministry Leaders.

  • Email Updates – make sure you sign up!

    We send out a monthly email of upcoming opportunities, ministry news and photos to keep you in the loop.  Email Meagan to get on the list!

  • Take Aways – you are your child’s best teacher!

    We carefully prepare what we send home with your child each Sunday.  If something is sent home with your child, please take the time to read it, ask your child about it, or complete it with them! There are usually great opportunities to supplement their learning by reading/doing what we send home.

  • Parenting Courses – fill your toolbox!

    We offer classes periodically at the Tuesday night Blender to help parents (and expectant parents) of all ages and backgrounds develop their parenting skills and practices. Please call the church office to see when they’re running.

  • Family Events – have fun together!

    We host regular family-friendly events where parents can learn and have fun with their kids, as well as spend quality time getting to know other families. We post it in our online event calendar, have invites in the Children’s Auditorium, and post it on our Facebook Page.

  • Volunteer – what a great way to learn and be part of a team!

    We have a number of volunteer opportunities for parents – from help with media/computer stuff to helping plan special events to being an extra set of hands on Sundays.  If you are feeling called to be a part of building up the children of our church, we want to hear from you! Please email Meagan to discuss the opportunities.


“…the family is the bedrock of the Christian Church. If families are strong, the churches will be strong; if the churches are strong, communities will be strong; if communities are strong, nations will be strong; if nations are strong, then our world will be strong. “ – Ryan Turner